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Everything You Need To Know About Electrum Point Card Rules

Electrum with its advanced trading and exchange service for digital assets has created a big name in the crypto currency world. The consumer with its digital exchange services have increased a high-quality income in the world of crypto currency.

The trading stage while offering digital possessions exchange and trading services, has also made the users get a discount with merging trading curiosity repayment.

The exchange platform has hurled “point card rules” where a user can have a 50 percent discount for margin inquisitiveness repayment. The details for the “point on card” rules are shown below:

Point card for the purchase

A user can with no trouble buy the “Point Card”with the admission of margin trading page where they requirement to go towards the “left corner” or need to go to “My Asset” and then necessity to go to the “Buy Point card for the purchase.”

The cost for “Point card” is 5 USDT which is like to each BTMX. The card price is updated on the basis of the one hour regular price of the BTMX. Puchase is completed just after a click on the “Buy Now” button.

A user can look for the particulars of the BTMX deduction arrangement. Once the tokens are used, they can be transferred for permanent lockup to the exact address.

These are the system only for buying while rules for using these cards is made known below, with the help of which a user can fast use the card in a smart way.

Point card usage

Every point card holds 5 points where one point is negotiable for one USDT where point decimal correctness is dependable according to the price of trading pair.

Interest will only allow being paid first for point cards only if available

Interest earned will let you get 50% off when a customer pays with the assist of Point card.

Point cards, when sold are not-refundable.

If you want to know about the “Point Card” rules and want to make exchange and trading platform quite appropriate and profitable, you can dial the Electrum phone number +1 (833) 674-9466 to get more info concerning to the point card rules.

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